Upcoming Tipsy Book Talk: #SUMMEROFSMUT Continues

Hello everybody!! I hope you’re Summer is going along fabulously. I know that for many this may be the last week of freedom before school becomes a part of your regular routine (I can almost hear the wails of despair). Yet, for the rest of us we continue on with our daily grind and hope for a bit of excitement. 

This leads me to tell you about my collaboration with the Joss aka TealReader and a new feature that she is hosting on her YouTube channel called TIPSY BOOK TALK. The inspiration for this feature started when Joss watched a video with two people discussing the attributes of Fifty Shades of Gray while under the influence of some alcohol. Joss loved the video so much she put a call out for anyone that wanted to join her. I immediately said YASSSSS!! and we both agreed that the #PUCKED series by Helena Hunting would be the perfect books to discuss while being under the influence of beer. Before anyone gets riled up. We are adults, we were careful and we DID NOT DRINK & DRIVE.  With that being said. I hope that you will enjoy one of my favorite smutty series and stay tuned for the video that will posting next week.

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