Let’s Play: JUST PRETEND by J.P. Nicholas, excerpt + GIVEAWAY!

J.P. Nicholas is here today to share his new release, JUST PRETEND with us! I am so excited to share it with you—check it out and be sure to grab your copy!


Author: J.P. Nicholas

Genre: Contemporary Romance


When yet another publisher rejects Hannah’s most recent book due to poor love scenes, she concocts a fail-proof plan to increase her creativity… spine-tingling, no strings attached sex. How can she write about love and lust if she’s never really felt it? As the only man in her life she truly trusts, Logan is the perfect one to help her find this new side of herself—and stand in as her pretend boyfriend at an upcoming reunion. For Logan, a Broadway actor by trade and passion, Hannah’s proposal is both outrageous and intriguing—especially since he’s fought for nineteen years of friendship to avoid thinking of her in a physical way. Against all reason, Logan takes the bait and agrees… then ups the ante by turning their pretend relationship into a pretend engagement in front of her entire family. Now, they just have to navigate their new situation while playing house… and somehow remember this is all Just Pretend…
“Lesson one: if it feels good…tell me,” I whisper into the crook of her neck, letting my lips linger over the spot I know she’s going to love. I bite down on her tender flesh, drawing a high-pitched squeal from her; it lingers in the air above us.
I answer her through clenched teeth. “Yeah?”
“That. Feels. Good.”
Those three words were all it took to break the ice and help me unleash my inner beast. I release my grip on her neck and put my lips up to hers.
Our mouths crash together, tongues twisting and wrestling with passion. I send a trail of kisses down the column of her throat and reach around her to unzip the back of her dress. She tugs at the hem of my shirt. Taking the hint, I grab it, fling it over my head, and onto the floor.
I throw her onto the bed, and her dress falls to the floor during the transfer. I lean over her, our bodies close, but not touching. With a swipe of my thumb, I unhook her bra, causing her perky breasts to spring into place.
“Fuck,” I husk out.
I take her right breast in my mouth and massage the raspberry nipple with my tongue. She starts grinding her pelvis against my erection. Her breaths grow shallow as I tweak her left nipple between my fingers. She moans from the pleasure. I pick my head up and let my gaze find hers.
I laugh.
“You like that?”
She nods. “Don’t stop,” she orders through her panting.
I slide my finger under her panties. I can feel her raw heat radiating off her body. Without warning, I plunge my finger into her pussy. She’s dripping wet. Fuck.
Then I take off her panties and bring my head down to her most sensitive region. I inhale deeply, wanting to memorize her scent. She smells so good.
Our eyes lock, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. “Are you sure this is what you want, Han?”
“Oh, God, yes,” she hollers.
Unable to satisfy my insatiable hunger, I bring my mouth to her pussy, exploring every fold. She seems to like it because she places her hand on the back of my head and pushes me deeper into her. God, she tastes so fucking sweet. Better than I could have ever imagined. I curve the tip of my tongue upward as I massage her clit aggressively with my forefinger. Her breaths grow shorter and shorter, alerting me that she is close. I don’t let up; this is what she needs, and it’s what I fucking want. Her legs writhe out of control, and I love feeling her go wild under my tongue. She howls as her orgasm rips through her.
I lick her sweet orgasm off my lips.
She stares at me with dazed eyes as she drops her voice to a sexy whisper. “That’s fucking hot.”

About J.P. Nicolas:

J.P. Nicholas has the great misfortune to be A Male Romance Writer. Turns out, men are also hopeless romantics, given half the chance, and Nicholas’ fascination with love began long before he could write. His parents—high school sweethearts who are still mad for each other—left him enamored with the idea of true love, and its ability to transform and redeem even the most jaded soul. Nicholas lives to capture this magic, lust, and passion on the page; his characters known for their sizzling chemistry and chest-squeezing plot lines.   When J.P. Nicholas isn’t tapping away at his laptop, he can be found in his home state of Florida, binge-watching This Is Us with his girlfriend, or devouring Italian food with his family. His latest novel, Just Pretend, is a friends-to-lovers drama and the first in his new Sandy Heights series, to be released in June.  

Social Media Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JPNicBooks

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JPNicBooks/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17518951.J_P_Nicholas

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/J.P.-Nicholas/e/B078HPMWX3

Books and Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/JPNicholas

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