HOW TO DATE A DOUCHEBAG: The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney, REVIEW


THE DOUCHEBAGS HAVE RETURNED!! and I could not be a happier human. I am the first to admit my faux pas in not reading Sara Ney’s books from the start (bad Nancy!!) but I am seriously making up for lost moments of smexy, sweet, and swoony boys that only Sara can deliver while making me laugh out loud.
Ana and Elliot’s story is a great addition to this series and I could not seem to get enough of their story. The friends to lovers trope is always a favorite of mine and Sara Ney does a fine job of bringing these two together because I can always appreciate a good slow burning romance that turns into a full on five alarm fire. Although they are smoking the pages with their interactions I find them to be the most relatable and possibly my favorite couple of this series.
The douchebag hero is M.I.A. in this story, but that is not to say they are not hanging around being totally douchey (thank you, Rex and Eric) and making you want to bag and tag them. Every story needs a bit of angst and drama and those two give it in spades. 
If you are a fan of this series HOW TO DATE A DOUCHEBAG: The Coaching Hours is a perfect addition to it’s already stellar line up. Don’t miss out on this read and for those that love college sports romances with a touch of humor and heart, it’s a great addition to your library. Get this book now!

THERE ARE NO DOUCHEBAGS IN THIS STORY. Well, there are, but they’re not who this story is about. This story is about me—the coach’s daughter. When I moved to Iowa to live with my dad, the university’s take-no-prisoners wrestling coach, I thought transferring would be easy as pie—living with my father would be temporary, and he’d make sure his douchebag wrestlers left me alone. Wrong on both counts. ASSHOLES ALWAYS COME OUT OF THE WOODWORK WHEN THE STAKES ARE HIGH. A bet is placed, and I’m on the table. After one humiliating night and too much alcohol, I find the last nice guy on campus. And when he offers to rent me his spare bedroom, I go all in. It’s time for the nice guy to finish first. Midnight chats and spilling my problems turn to lingering touches. Lingering touches turn to more. And the ultimate good guy has the potential do more damage than any douchebags ever could.  



Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte’s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British. She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog. 

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