Just a Bit Geeky & Ragey – Co-Review with Kelly @Bookcrushin!


Maybe you missed my obsession coverage of ReMade, a YA weekly serial that I gushed over for 15 weeks in the fall/winter. NOT A PROBLEM because we are back today with another amazing serial – Geek Actually!

Today I’m here to co-review episode 1.5 along with Kelly from BookCrushin. We’ve been listening to the serial together and agreed to co-review every 5 episodes. Let’s be real…We spend Wednesdays talking about Geek Actually so this is just an excuse to share it with you all ;).

What 5 adjectives would you use to describe Geek Actually? 

CJ: Fun. Feminist. Witty. Vivid. Goals.

K: Entertaining, relatable, diverse, sexy, and of course very GEEKY! Is that cheating? Because it really is more of a modern geek chic!

Of the squad of 6, which characters do you find yourself drawn to most? What appeals to you about them?

CJ: Is all of them an acceptable answer? No? Ok, fine. I am fascinated by Michelle, especially after episode 4. I so can’t wait to see what fun she gets into now that she’s entering the dating scene.

K: Would it be cliche to say Christina since she’s the queer one of the group? No, good. I don’t really have any of their jobs or skills but I live the Geek Life so I feel connected to them all in some aspect, but I can’t help but relate to the not femme, yet not completely butch, Christina.

Let’s talk about the latest episode, Beware of Rage Bait. What’s going on now that we are 5 eps in?

CJ: Well, Beware of Rage Bait is the PERFECT title for this episode. I feel like we are right before a big storm. Things are building, with relationships, friendships, and bosses. I really wanted to strangle Taneesha’s boss (and her whole set of colleagues) in this ep.

K: I definitely think this is Teneesha’s breaking point, I think her supervisor is trolling her online on purpose. Christina is definitely going to have an internal crisis about her possible relationship status. Michelle is getting to that point where she is researching and preparing to step out into a new world of erotica. Aditi is solid in her home life, but I think the work hammer is coming for her! Elli was missing in this episode, but hopefully that means she made it more than one day on her new job!

Any predictions or hopes for the next 5 eps?

CJ: Vivi and Christina are at the breaking point. I have so much hope for them but they’ve got some big things to work through. I hope they make it. I also hope Michelle and Aditi can figure out how to keep their friendship intact with this book deal! Aditi needs some relief from her life but I don’t know what that looks like yet!

K: I have serious hopes for HEA for all the ladies! I want Michelle to find some stress relief in the non-vanilla type! I really want Christina to realize relationships can be rewarding and worth putting the work into. I definitely want Taneesha to find a new job that respects her and for Diego to ask her out damn it! I hope Elli has found her calling being a personal assistant and still rocking the cosplay! I also hope Aditi writes the hell out of book 2 and scores another best-seller!

What works about this format? Who would enjoy this serial most?

CJ: Everyone has an hour to invest, and you get it in audio and ebook format! Little bite size morsels that make an entire season palatable in the age of full TBRs. People who love chick lit will especially find joy in this but I think there’s something for everyone.

K: This is my first weekly serial and now I get so excited for Wednesday’s. I download the audio before my commute and the episodes are so perfect I am entertained the entire drive. It really makes me feel successful being able to accomplish a quick read and review each week. I think anyone over the age of 18 (due to mature content) and if you like ensemble casts or multi-POVs you will love this series! It is super entertaining and I wish I had friends like these ladies in my life. Each and every character feels real and relatable, so I think everyone would enjoy Geek Actually!

Come back weekly for mini reviews! As always, the first episode is free on audio and ebook – so you can try it out! 


Beware of Rage Bait

by Melissa Blue

Published: July 5th 2017

Publisher: Serial Box

Source: Publisher

Meet your new best girlfriends. Michelle is a hard-nosed Science Fiction editor who is used to things going her way; Taneesha is a talented video game programmer who is used to being the odd (wo)man out. Aditi is a fantasy writer on the verge of her big break; Christina is a rebel on the sidelines of Hollywood. And Elli is a fan – of anything and everything that keeps are from “proper adulting.” Together they are Rebel Scum (at least in their shared group chat), and best friends through thick and thin. They might live far apart but through the power of the internet and a shared love of all things geek, they are ready to face the world side by side.

This is the 5th episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Melissa Blue.

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