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Maybe you missed my obsession coverage of ReMade, a YA weekly serial that I gushed over for 15 weeks in the fall/winter. NOT A PROBLEM because we are back today with another amazing serial – Geek Actually!

Ughhhhh Christina WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU? There’s totally an intervention coming and I am feeling so much dread for her and Vivi. Moving in together is not going to fix the problems you’ve swept under the rug. There’s a major explosion building here, especially with her lack of awareness of how she needs to support Taneesha and her post is doing the opposite.

I love Ruby and Elli’s budding friendship. Elli seems so misunderstood and like her unique qualities aren’t appreciated and I totally feel Ruby gets it. So much that she helps give Elli a name to her romantic preferences – Elli is asexual. I love the diversity within this group of friends. I also love how natural it all feels as a reader.

Ok but I love Diego. DIEGO. I am all in for Taneesha and Diego.

Can’t wait for BookCrushin and I to co-review next week. Only a few eps left! 

Come back weekly for mini reviews! As always, the first episode is free on audio and ebook – so you can try it out! 



by Cathy Yardley

Published: August 2nd 2017

Publisher: Serial Box

Source: Publisher

Meet your new best girlfriends. Michelle is a hard-nosed Science Fiction editor who is used to things going her way; Taneesha is a talented video game programmer who is used to being the odd (wo)man out. Aditi is a fantasy writer on the verge of her big break; Christina is a rebel on the sidelines of Hollywood. And Elli is a fan – of anything and everything that keeps are from “proper adulting.” Together they are Rebel Scum (at least in their shared group chat), and best friends through thick and thin. They might live far apart but through the power of the internet and a shared love of all things geek, they are ready to face the world side by side.

This is the 9th episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Cathy Yardley.

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