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Hello! and thank you for visiting Tales of the Ravenous Reader today as I participate in the UNLEASHED blog tour hosted by ROCKSTAR Book Tours. For those fans of Reverse Harem stories you would be wise to put down everything and grab a copy of UNLEASHED by Bella Jacobs. It’s storyline is captivating and scintillating and you will not want to stop reading it. Just read the excerpt below and see if you are not convinced.

jessie2bevans-dark2bmoon2bshifters-unleashed-ebook_-4152506About the Book:


Author: Bella Jacobs

Pub. Date: August 17, 2018

Publisher: Bella Jacobs Books

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 298

Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon UK

One woman on the run. Four dangerously sexy bodyguards. And a war brewing that will change the shifter world forever…


I’m living on borrowed time, fighting for survival against a deadly new virus that has no cure and a cult doing its best to brainwash me. But when a mysterious note shows up on my windowsill one night, its chilling message–Run, Wren–launches me out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Within hours, everything I thought I knew about my life, my family, and my origins is obliterated, and I’m racking up enemies at an alarming rate. Between the cult I’ve just escaped, a violent shifter faction out for my blood, and an ancient evil who eats “chosen ones” like me for breakfast, my last hope is to join forces with four dangerous-looking men who claim they were sent to guard my life.


Luke, a werewolf with a rap sheet. Creedence, a lynx shifter who never met a mark he couldn’t con. Kite, a bear kin with a mean right hook and heart of gold. And Dust, my childhood best friend and dude voted least likely to be a secret shape-shifting griffin.


But are these men really what they seem?


Or are my alpha guardians hiding a secret agenda of their own?


I’m not sure, but one thing is for certain—choosing the right allies will mean the difference between life and death. For me, and everyone I love.


UNLEASHED is book one in the Dark Moon Shifter’s series. It is a true reverse harem featuring one woman and her four mates.


EXCERPT of UNLEASHED by Bella Jacobs


Kite lifts one big hand, gently smoothing my hair behind my ear, securing it against the breeze. “It’s okay. You do the best you can. That’s all any of us can do.”

“I just wish I had more energy,” I say, the words out before I can stop them. I never talk about my condition with Kite. I don’t want to remind him that I’m not the shiniest apple in the barrel. Fair to him or not, I want him to pick me.


At least for a little while.

His jaw tightens and something that looks a lot like rage flickers across his features before the expression is gone, but it still leaves me speechless. I’m so shocked by that glimpse of something other than the gentleness I’ve always seen in Kite that I flinch as he cups my face in his hands and says, “Things can change and they will change, Wren. I promise you. As long as there’s breath in my body, you’re not going to die. You’ve just got to be ready when the time comes.”

I tip my head back, bringing my lips terrifying, thrillingly close to Kite’s as my eyes go wide. I swallow hard, thoughts swarming in a mixture of confusion and longing. “What are you talking about? Ready for what?”

His brow furrows as he searches my face with an intensity that makes my stomach flip. “I’ve already said things I shouldn’t. Just promise me you’ll keep that beautiful mind of yours open, okay?”

“Kite, I don’t—”

“Do you trust me, Wren?” he asks, using my given name for a second time in just a few minutes, making me realize how rarely he uses it and how rarely I’ve seen him with this kind of fire in his eyes.

“I…” I hold his gaze, but no matter how deep I look, I only see concern. Caring. Maybe something even stronger than caring. Maybe something close to the way I feel when I’m in his arms and the world suddenly makes more sense than it did before.

I exhale, heart slowing as I say, “Yes, I do. I trust you.”

His shoulders sag with a relief that makes me feel like I’ve done something much more important than answer a question. “Good. Keep trusting me, Bird Girl, and I’m going to show you a whole new world. A world where you can be the powerhouse you are on the inside.”

The backs of my eyes begin to sting, but I’m smiling when I say, “There’s no cure, Kite. I might never go back into remission, let alone get better.”

He pauses, seeming to debate something silently before he whispers, “But then again, you might.” Before I can assure him that hope is a lost cause in this case, he leans down and presses his lips to mine and I’m the thing that’s lost.

My eyes slide closed as my heart lights up, each warm, sweet brush of his lips against mine making my body fill with magic. Electricity floods my nerve endings and my pulse races so fast I know I would fall over if Kite let me go.

But he doesn’t let me go, he wraps me up in his strong arms, hugging me close as he lifts me off my feet, bringing our lips onto a level playing field as he takes charge of holding us both steady. With a soft sob of gratitude for this kiss, this miracle, this moment of feeling like the luckiest girl in Seattle, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him with everything in me, not caring if I use up all the energy I’ll need to get home.

bella_teaser_three-5619057 About Bella:

Bella Jacobs loves pulse-pounding action, fantasy, and supernaturally high stakes, mixed with swoon-worthy romance and unforgettable heroes. She’s been a full time writer for over a decade and hit the USA Today Bestseller list multiple times in contemporary romance under her other pen name. She writes as Bella for her trips to the dark side and can’t wait to take you on her next adventure. xo!  

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