What genre of book do you prefer to read? ~ Tales of the Ravenous Reader

As I am arranging my current TBR pile of books, I noticed that I had an overwhelming amount of novels in the paranormal genre. I admit that my reading preference strongly leans into that category but in the last year I have expanded by horizons and have read books from other genres that I have greatly enjoyed i.e. contemporary fiction. Some of my favorite reads from this year have been in the contemporary genre and so I am dabbling a bit more and finding satisfactory results. The only genre that I have not been able to joyfully indulge in is Sci-Fi novels. I cannot seem to get into them no matter how much I try.

I feel bad about this because I could be missing out on some amazing reads due to my stubbornness, but If I cannot feel passionately about what I am reading, why bother??

So again my curious mind is piqued. What genre does everyone like to read? Also, have you ever read a genre you did not care for but have been pleasantly surprised in reading? and what genre of book do you not care for?

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