A month worth of Author Fabulousness! ~ Tales of the Ravenous Reader

The past thirty days I have been most blessed to see some of my favorite authors. It all began with the wonderful Michelle Zink and then Malinda Lo, Kristin Cashore, Scott Westerfeld, Sarah Rees Brennan, James Dashner and Heidi Kling.

I wanted to thank all of them for being so gracious especially when I go all fan girl. Thanks also to my friends both old and new that have been constant companions on these events.

4010102617_83411a46ea-3572909 I had the most amazing time visiting with Michelle Zink, she is an amazing author and friend.3879888497_ceaee9c8d6-2673328 I had the most awesome time seeing Sarah Rees Brennan and Scott Westerfeld on their book tour. Scott had a wonderful slide show presentation that was simply amazing.4010116409_8994931505-3248350Kepler’s book store hosted the event and they made this tented entrace that demonstrated the belly of the beast.4010121741_f2854980b4-8365383Scott Westerfeld and Sarah Rees Brennan4010118395_4ea678bbeb-3434149The lovely Sarah Rees Brennan is signing my book4010118651_6e21f39b33-7787536Sarah and Scott signing books for the many attendee’s4010884674_e00f1cf5f4-1524997 Me and Kristin Cashore, yup I went all fan girl with her. She was a joy to listen to and meet. Kristin read a bit from Fire and then she demonstrated her writing notebook
4010214633_e8d6afc627-1037596Can you believe that Kristin writes her books in a notebook then uses voices recognition to trascribe her work onto her pc. That picture your looking at is her current work in progress Bitterblue. SQUEE!!4010109059_04057d4488-3283132My friend Amanda with one of my favorite pictures from the night.
4010110961_51bf4fac42-8005665 Alicia from Shooting Stars Mag with Kristin Cashore
4010876074_6143291812-6946114 My bay area book lovers gang. We met James Dasher in Oakland. James was the nicest man and we all had a great evening4010889072_28f5e4400c-6168971The night I went to see Kristin Cashore, Heidi Kling showed off her ARC for Sea. Isn’t it pretty?
4010876844_9f6cbdee49-9807839 It has been a great month and there are many other events and authors to meet and I cannot wait.

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