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SILENT ECHO comes out September 10th from Diversion Books and it’s not your typical fantasy: Sirens, Music, and Prophecies! 

So Elisa has come onto the blog today to talk about the mythology of SILENT ECHO.  There is also a prize giveaway below for a chance to win a pack of awesome things including a book purse inspired by the book, an iphone case and other trinkets featuring the beautiful illustrations of the upcoming trailer and a YA book of your choice. Have you seen the sneak peek? [] screenshot2013-09-02at12-21-22pm-5738581

Ancient Greek Gods — how can you not be fascinated by them?  Their antics, their dalliances, their powers, their flaws?  I have been obsessed with Greek mythology since the first time I cracked open Homer’s Odyssey in the ninth grade.  Anytime I hear a mythological reference my ears perk up like a dog smelling something savory being dropped into a frying pan.  For example, when I heard that the expression “between a rock and a hard place” was a reference to Odysseus’s journey when he had to cross the waters between the six-headed Scylla and the vacuous Charybdis, I pretty much told everyone I knew about my newfound linguistic discovery.  Unfortunately, not everyone shared my enthusiasm for this bit of mythological trivia, but the Gods themselves?  Well, suffice to say, I am not the only one out there who gets a kick out of the likes of Athena, Aphrodite, Polyphemus or Poseidon.

And so, Silent Echo was born.  I knew I wanted to write a story centered around mythology that would translate into modern times.  I also knew that I wanted to write a story centered around music.  Put those wants together and BOOM!  Sirens are taking on roles that even Homer never dreamed of (sorry to end with a preposition here).  I will admit that my use of mythology was inspired by one of my all time favorite writers, Gregory Maguire, who turned spinning fiction off of fairy tales into an absolute art form.  I figured if Maguire can give new meaning to Oz, then why can’t I give the Odyssey‘s Sirens a new spin?

Interesting to note is that Homer only mentions the Sirens for about a total of two pages in The Odyssey, and yet these seductive Goddesses are legendary!  “The Siren’s song” is a commonly used phrase.  Even the Coen brothers allotted an entire scene to these seductresses in O Brother, Where Art Thou.  So for me, no more vampires.  No  more werewolves.  I wanted music and the Goddesses that make music irresistible.  And I wanted them to excite readers on a level that will have them buying or downloading Homer’s original masterpiece within moments of finishing Silent Echo: A Siren’s Tale.  

Thanks for your interest and may you only find favor in the eyes of the Gods… 7138546-5928534

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