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It’s no secret that I am a big fan of these authors and their previous joint adventure with MY LADY JANE. So, you can imagine how excited I am to participate in this blog tour for the Janies and their new Jane book baby, MY PLAIN JANE. In honor of this recent release (Hello, just this past Tuesday and I hope you have purchased it) I am showcasing a list of famous Janes to join these lovely Janies.

my2bplain2bjane2bfinal2bcover-1805505 About the Book


Move over, Charlotte Brontë. The authors of the New York Times bestselling My Lady Jane are back with an irreverent spin on Jane Eyre—a tale of mischief, romance, and supernatural mayhem perfect for fans of The Princess Bride or A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.

You may think you know the story. Penniless orphan Jane Eyre begins a new life as a governess at Thornfield Hall, where she meets one dark, brooding Mr. Rochester—and, Reader, she marries him. Or does she?

Prepare for an adventure of Gothic proportions in this stand-alone follow-up to My Lady Jane, which was called “an utter delight” (ALA Booklist, starred review), and “an uproarious historical fantasy that’s not to be missed” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

janies-7998561 About the Authors:
Brodi Ashton
Cynthia Hand
Jodi Meadows

We’re the authors of the young adult novels, MY LADY JANE, and MY PLAIN JANE, which is coming in June 2018. Our group is made up of Brodi Ashton (New York Times bestselling author of the EVERNEATH series and DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY), Cynthia Hand (New York Times bestselling author of the UNEARTHLY series, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, THE AFTERLIFE OF HOLLY CHASE, and THE HOW AND THE WHY), and Jodi Meadows (New York Times bestselling author of the INCARNATE trilogy, the ORPHAN QUEEN duology, and the FALLEN ISLES trilogy). Between the three of us we’ve written nineteen novels, a bunch of novellas, a handful of short stories, and a couple of really bad poems, but we have the most fun working on our books together. We’re friends. We’re writers. We’re fixing history by rewriting one sad story at a time. See THE AUTHORS tab for more information.



One evening while Mr. Rochester was asleep when he was rudely awoken by a formidable ghost that informed him that he must marry a woman named Jane. But, not any Jane, it had to be a famous Jane.  With this celebrated woman he would finally find true love and happiness, otherwise he would suffer like no one has suffered before. 

Not wanting to endure a life of certain misery and pain he set about the task of finding this woman, this famous Jane,  the one that would set his world on fire and give him his heart’s desire.  Yet, Mr. Rochester was unsure  of how to go about this task since history is full of famous woman named Jane. 


So, he enlisted the help of The Ravenous Reader, matchmaker extraordinaire,  and she set about the task of finding his true love. It wasn’t an easy mission but after collecting data from a few hundred centuries  she believed that she came up with a fantastic list of famous Jane’s that anyone would give their teeth for. She presents Mr. Rochester with the top six famous Jane’s and he responds with commentary to each one. Let’s see what he says and if he select’s one to make him happy. 

Famous Jane #1


Mr. Rochester: Contrary to popular belief, I cannot stand drinking tea and what is this Batchelor that she likes to watch? I cannot have her looking at others while she is married to me. Hard Pass.

 Famous Jane #2


Mr. Rochester: An immaculate conception? How does one go about artificial insemination? It does not sound like any fun at all.  I will have to say no to this.

Famous Jane #3


Mr. Rochester: Oh My, this one’s family sounds dreadful and I cannot help but keep scratching my neck at the thought of this young lady. It will also have to say not to this one.

Famous Jane #4


Mr. Rochester: This Jane seems a bit too advanced for me. Her love of fashion and gadgetry perplex me to no bounds and I fear my bank account would go dry within a few years. Another one I regretfully will have to say no to.

Famous Jane #5


Mr: Rochester: Although I enjoy having a good time drinking and carousing with the best of them I prefer to do so with my best mates. This Jane seems a bit to adventurous for me. I must also say no to this one.

Famous Jane #6


Mr. Rochester: I need a governess at Thornfield and she seems to see spirits as I have. She is also passionate and strongly principled and seeks a male with a last name that begins with the letter R. My last name is Rochester! Coincidence? I think I have found my famous Jane. 


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