Bringing The Doctor to the Next Gen ~ Tales of the Ravenous Reader

Whovians – WHERE YOU AT? We have something fun to share with you today. 


You’ve seen the Mr. Men series. You have, even if you don’t know it. They look a little like this. 

If you’re nerdy, you probably appreciate a good mashup. Buffy and the musical. TMNT and Batman (yes, it’s a thing). Well, LOOK 👀 at these cuties!  img_1227-5676770 That’s right, there’s a whole series of the Doctor(s) coming! And they are adorable. You need them. They’re based on fan art, which is pretty dang cool. Fandoms are awesome.

What fandoms would you want? Of course, Christy is all about Supernatural. How adorable would a Cas book be? 😍

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