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We are big fans of Jessica Brody + holiday stories around here so The Chaos of Standing Still was bound to be a hit for us! Check out our interview with Jessica and add The Chaos of Standing Still to your TBR in time for the holidays!

Interview with Jessica Brody

Help us get to know Ryn and Xander. What 5 facts for each of them do we need to know? 
Ooh, this is fun!
1. Animal is his favorite Muppet 
2. He’s always wanted a personal Mozzarella Stick chef 
3. His parents are world-famous child psychologists and authors of the notorious Kids Come First books 
4. He likes to break rules. 
5. He has a Doctor Who Tardis phone case (because he loves the show) 
1. She loves to draw (or used to) 
2. She’s obsessed with googling questions on her phone (it’s a coping mechanism) 
3. She still talks to her dead best friend (in her mind.) 
4. She’s a vegetarian (as of eleven months ago) 
5. She has a Doctor Who Tardis phone case (but hates the show) 

The Chaos of Standing Still is set around the holidays. What personal holiday moments/traditions are incorporated into the story? 
Strangely enough, NONE! The book takes place on New Year’s Eve, but for Ryn, it’s not New Year’s Eve. It’s the one year anniversary of her best friend’s death. That’s all this day is to her. And she’s so focused on getting through this day in one piece, she doesn’t even think about the fact that it’s a holiday. So there was really no space for me to include anything personal relating to the holidays. 
Although I will say my favorite holiday tradition is watching Love Actually. My family watches it every year. Maybe I’ll be able to work that into a future book. 
What was your research process like for this story considering the setting and sub plots? 
So, I’ll just preface this by saying I’ve spent a LOT of time in the Denver Airport. A LOT! I’ve lived in Denver for the past six years (plus I grew up there!) so it’s been my hometown airport for most of my life. Plus, I have a friend who’s a flight attendant and for a while I was listed as her “companion.” Meaning, I got to fly for free IF there was open space on the plane. So that resulted in a LOT of waiting around in the airport for a flight with empty seats—sometimes all day. I got to know that airport inside and out. So I guess you could say that I did my research on the setting of this book before I even realized I was going to write the book. I know every inch of that airport and I tried to put as much of it as I could into the story. 
I did, however, have to research what happens at the Denver Airport during a snow storm, because fortunately I’ve never actually been stuck there. I interviewed someone who worked in media relations for the Denver Airport to ask about the procedures and protocols for blizzards and I got a lot of information from that interview about what happens when the airport has to close due to weather 
Although, I will say that some details about the airport I had to make up and take some fictional license to make the plot more interesting. Like for instance, I’m pretty sure the airport police doesn’t arrest you for riding the airport train around more than three times in a row, like they do with Ryn and Xander. But it just made for so much better drama! 

The Chaos of Standing Still
by Jessica Brody
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: November 28th 2017

Over the course of one chaotic night stranded at the Denver airport, Ryn confronts her shattered past thanks to the charm of romance, the uniqueness of strangers, and the magic of ordinary places in this stunning novel from the author of Boys of Summer.
Ryn has one unread text message on her phone. And it’s been there for almost a year.
She hasn’t tried to read it. She can’t. She won’t. Because that one message is the last thing her best friend ever said to her before she died.
But as Ryn finds herself trapped in the Denver International Airport on New Year’s Eve thanks to a never-ending blizzard on the one-year anniversary of her best friend’s death, fate literally runs into her.
And his name is Xander.
When the two accidentally swap phones, Ryn and Xander are thrust into the chaos of an unforgettable all-night adventure, filled with charming and mysterious strangers, a secret New Year’s Eve bash, and a possible Illuminati conspiracy hidden within the Denver airport. But as the bizarre night continues, all Ryn can think about is that one unread text message. It follows her wherever she goes, because Ryn can’t get her brilliantly wild and free-spirited best friend out of her head.
Ryn can’t move on.
But tonight, for the first time ever, she’s trying. And maybe that’s a start.
As moving as it is funny, The Chaos of Standing Still is a heartwarming story about the earth-shattering challenges life throws at us—and the unexpected strangers who help us along the way.
Jessica Brody knew from a young age that she wanted to be a writer. She started self “publishing” her own books when she was seven years old, binding the pages together with cardboard, wallpaper samples, and electrical tape.
After graduating from Smith College in 2001 where she double majored in Economics and French and minored in Japanese, Jessica later went on to work for MGM Studios as a Manager of Acquisitions and Business Development. In May of 2005, Jessica quit her job to follow her dream of becoming a published author.
Since then, Jessica has sold over twelve novels for teens, tweens, and adults including 52 Reasons to Hate My Father, The Karma Club, My Life Undecided, and the three books in the Unremembered trilogy, the first of which is currently in development as a major motion picture by the producers of The Vampire Academy, Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, and Slumdog Millionaire. In 2016, she will release two new contemporary novels, A Week of Mondays (August) and Boys of Summer (April), and in 2017, her debut middle grade novel entitled, Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up, will hit bookstore shelves.
Jessica also writes books for the Descendants: “School of Secrets” series, based on the hit Disney Channel Original movie, Descendants!
Jessica’s books are published and translated in over twenty foreign countries. She currently splits her time between California and Colorado.

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