Zap! Bam! Kapow! Saturdays – New (comics) Feature!


Welcome to our new weekly feature – Zap! Bam! Kapow! Saturdays. I needed an outlet to chat about all of the great comics and comic-y things I do, especially with YA darlings Margaret Stohl writing The Mighty Captain Marvel and Rainbow Rowell writing Runaways. So here you’ll find tidbits about what I’m reading, collecting, fangirling, over and looking forward to. 

What I’m reading this week…

A deeper look at Super Sons by Peter J. Tomasi, with art by Jorge Jimenez


I have been collecting these AND WHY DID I LET THEM PILE UP? Oh my gosh I pretty much love all things Damian Wayne. Adding Jon to his dynamic was too cute. I kept cracking up and my husband was giving me the “wtf are you laughing at” look. Damian and Jon are sooooo the product of their fathers (and mothers!). I can’t wait for the day Jon gets to join the Teen Titans.

Any cute collectibles?

Since I was at SDCC, my husband scored me this super cute Funko Pop Gwenpool with the selfie stick. He said it reminded him of me…Surely he means her sense of style.


News you need to know. 

There was sooo much news during SDCC (some of which I will be covering in my SDCC posts) so I’ll try to capture news you may have missed.

Captain Marvel’s suit was announced at SDCC, as was the the setting – the 90s! Check this out in case you are wondering why this matters, and why she won’t be in the next Avengers movie.

Legends of Tomorrow can’t come back soon enough but there’s a few secrets out from the cast!

This is adorable…Someone write this book!

— (@ComicBook) July 28, 2017

Looking forward to…

My pull list is EMPTY for next week 😱. I’m planning to catch up on Generation X, Invincible Iron Man, U.S. Avengers, and Jean Grey! 

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